Thursday, 13 August 2020

10 Reasons Why Drinking Warm Lemon Water Is Good For You

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Lemons have been around since forever, but not always recognised for it's health benefits. The truth is, lemons are rich in vitamin C and immune system boosting perks that every one could do with. 

During peak flu season, people often need to take precautions to boost their immune system so that they don't get easily sick. Lemons are also good at naturally fighting germs and thus is often used in household cleaners.

What are the key characteristics or genetic imprints that make lemons so healthy? 

Lemons contain riboflavin (Vitamin B2) as it is also known. Vitamin B has many good properties including that of uplifting a low mood. Riboflavin helps with cellular respiration (chemical and oxygen conversions inside the body as needed).

Antimicrobial features making it good for detoxing and cleaning. Another thing to note on why lemons are so special is that they are also naturally deodorising and works great to freshen the air as well as a natural breath fresher.

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The limonene (oil found naturally in citrus fruit skins) is used as a fragrance and also to help flavour food dishes. We know how important staying hydrated is. Combining water with lemon juice adds double the benefits for your body. 

1. It is a natural skin cleanser 

Drinking warm lemon water also has fantastic benefits for your skin and complexion. This is another reason beauty industries manufacture products containing real lemon juice or oil. It gives the skin a toned, matt finish.

You have even more reasons to enjoy the benefits of lemon for your skin because of the high levels of vitamin C. Not only an immune system strengthened, but also helps with collagen production.

When you drink warm water with freshly squeezed lemon in it, you can enjoy the cleansing benefits from the inside out. 

2. It improves the body's ability to absorb iron

Anemia is caused by a lack of iron in the body. Iron plays an important role in oxygen production inside the body through the blood. Having lemons helps this process and it can be combined with foods rich in iron like lentils, red meat, fish, and dairy products.

3. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory 

Because of the limonene present in lemons as mentioned earlier, it can thus contribute to reducing inflammation. While doing so, it is also a strong source of antioxidants which is essential at protecting the body against disease causing "free radicals" amongst other.

 4. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning has its benefits for your nervous system

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Lemons contributes to the wellbeing of the nervous system and is good for brain function. As mentioned before this is because of the ingredients that it is comprised of.

5. It adds to the fibre needed in your diet

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Drinking lemon juice squeezed into water is excellent, but you can go a step further by eating the lemon slice or pulp. This is excellent. Our bodies need both soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre is found oats, whole fruit, broccoli, lentils, nuts, wheat, seed and beans to name a few. It helps with digestion and maintaining blood sugar levels. 

6. It helps to reduce cholesterol 

While the body can do with good cholesterol, its the bad cholesterol that is usually the problem. Because lemon is rich in soluble fibre, it aids in lowering bad cholesterol.

7. Regulate your apatite with some lemon infused water


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Water itself is a natural apatite suppressant, but when pairing it with lemon, it goes on to kickstart your day in an even healthier way. You'll get the hydrating benefits of H2O plus all the good stuff in lemons for your wellbeing. This is good news if you want to maintain your weight because it will help you to feel fuller.

8. Helps to keep joint pain under control

As already mentioned in this post, lemons have anti-inflammatory properties and this is what makes it so good when it comes to pain management.

Now while you may not be able to feel the difference by only drinking lemon water alone. You can, however, go on and do a self-massage using arnica or another menthol infused rub. This, together with a glass of lemon water can help manage pain. 

 9. It can help to lower blood pressure

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Hypertension is very dangerous if not monitored and treated. Yet it is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization, over 1billion people have high blood pressure. Doctors usually prescribe special medication and along with that a patient should try to adapt their lifestyle and diet.

Lemons can help to lower high blood pressure and when having lemon water along with regular exercise and or regular walking, it can improve blood pressure. 

10. It acts as a natural diuretic

Water retention is common and also occurs because of the foods that we eat, hormonal imbalances and changes as well as lifestyle choices. Foods rich in sodium and alcohol drunk in excess can lead to bloating. Some medications may also cause bloating.

There are prescription medicines that act as a diuretic to help keep excess water out of the body, but having fresh lemon water can do this naturally. Prescription diuretics also tend to cause dehydration which seems to be the case for a number of OTC and prescribed meds. Lemons or lemon juice in water, on the other hand, will keep you hydrated. 

How to have your lemon water?

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If you drink it first thing in the morning, it is highly beneficial to boost your digestive system before you eat anything else.

Simply boil some water and let it cool down a bit. You don't want to drink it scalding hot because this will be hard for the body to process. In the same way, iced-cold water with lemon in is hard for the body to process.

Take a fresh lemon and cut it into halves or quarters. Squeeze the juice of the quarter or the half (depending on the size) of the lemon.

You can sip this concoction at your own pace.

You can also use room temperature bottled or purified water for your lemon juice drink.


*Remember to "swoosh" your mouth with regular water afterwards because lemons have high acidic levels. This doesn't always bode well for the enamel of your teeth. So, do this at the end of your drink. 

The conclusion on why drinking lemon water is good for your health?

It's clear that lemons are an amazing "superfood" and one that is needed in a healthy diet. But for those who are sensitive to citrus or have other abdominal conditions, it would be better to find an alternative. There are some lemon swaps you could try out like lavender water.

Lemons are affordable and available in nearly every grocery store, mini market and vegetable and fruit outlet. While they are very beneficial, it should not be the only thing you rely on in your journey to a healthier you. You must also consider daily exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Do you drink lemon water at the start of your day? How have you felt since doing so?