Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Reflection: Time goes quickly and one of the most important things is to live in the now

Reflection - A poem by Nancy Amon (jnr)

It's been a trying year, many of us, including me, have seen loved ones depart and move on to their next journey in life. 

While it is hard to see life the same again, 
The time we had seemed so short-lived, but it was granted to us, 
It is what we had then. 

Cherishing the good memories despite the now sadness,
Let these fond memories bring us joy and fill our hearts with gladness. 

Life is never the same without those who have journeyed on,
But our lives are already set with a purpose,
Even when we feel sad and weak, we are made strong.

Our CREATOR gives us every moment in this lifetime,
May we live it as best we can,
So we can touch the hearts of others, help them to know,
That all will be better in time, all will be more than fine.

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